Environment & Waste Management

For Crown the environment is central to our approach to business.

Our management system is certified to ISO 14001, supporting our approach to managing environmental impact across our operations and ensuring we meet our regulatory and legal obligations.


Crown is close to achieving zero avoidable waste and we continue to evolve our services with recycling at the core.

We are active partcipants in the Vinyl Take-Back Scheme run by Recofloor. The scheme's goal is to collect and recycle vinyl flooring waste on behalf of Altro Ltd and Polyflor Ltd, which contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of the flooring industry.

49 tonnes of vinyl flooring recycled

The collection process is mainly carried out by back-haul, meaning that the material is collected when new flooring is delivered. This approach reduces the carbon footprint of the scheme and helps members to achieve their carbon reduction targets.

Recovering vinyl flooring waste through the scheme has a significant positive impact on the environment. Material suitable for recycling is either reprocessed into new flooring products or used as a base material for traffic cones and road barrier’s. This not only stops the material from ending up in landfills but limits the use of raw materials and helps in the production of more eco-friendly products.

Our commitment to sustainability is paramount by the recycling of vinyl flooring waste, we are making a valuable contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of the flooring industry and protecting the environment for future generations.

Recofloor Vinyl Take-Back Scheme

Altro Certificate

Air Quality

Crown’s fleet policy is to maintain a modern, efficient fleet of cars and vans under 3 years old to ensure they meet the most recent emissions standards. We are replacing vehicles with electric or hybrid at the earliest opportunity and all our sites have EV charging points. We are well on the way to achieving a “green fleet” with a target of 2030 for zero tailpipe emissions.

We also support our staff in adopting electric vehicles by providing charging infrastructure and access to EV car incentives schemes.


Crown understands how decarbonisation is critical to avoid a global climate crisis and we are committed to reducing the impact of our operations – see more regarding our Net Zero commitments

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