Net Zero

Crown is committed to continuously improving sustainability in everything we do.

We understand that all our actions impact climate change and we take these seriously knowing that they will contribute to achieving our own Net Zero goals as well as those of our customers.

We have been measuring our Carbon emissions since 2021 when we submitted our first report to Crown Commercial Services. We have set an overarching goal to be Net Zero by 2050 and to support our customers where we can in achieving their own targets.

Scope 1 - Covers all direct CFF emissions, Scope 2 - Covers all indirect CFF emissions, Scope 3 - CF&F emissions from travel and supply chain

Crown Net Zero Targets

Crown Flooring is targeting net zero emissions across all its activities by 2050.

Crown Flooring is targeting a 50% reduction in emissions against all scopes by 2035 and aims to achieve an emission intensity of 0.0219kgCO2e/£

Our working practices, delivery methods, choice of products and solutions and recycling and waste management all make a material difference to decarbonisation of the buildings we refurbish and maintain as well as our operations across our fleet, offices and warehouse.

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We’re committed to education of our team and suppliers and taking steps to increase sustainability across all aspects of our business. Our "right first time" approach delivered by our staff, who are based locally to each customer, is already contributing to reducing our carbon emissions.

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